Online Marketing with Your Email Signature

email marketingAn email signature, set up in your email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, etc.) to automatically append to your outgoing email messages is an often overlooked marketing opportunity. In addition to being “free” to use and “easy” to set up, specific marketing and related benefits include:

1) ETIQUETTE and PROFESSIONALISM – Including pertinent contact information in your signature, such as phone number and company website address, exudes professionalism and shows your recipients that you care enough to provide alternative ways for them to easily contact or respond to you.

2) CONTEXT -  Your email signature is an opportunity to inform the reader of your position in your organization and make them more comfortable in interacting with you.  Signing off with your complete name, title, organization and contact information lets people know that you’re the Executive Director, the Board Treasurer, or an Administrative Assistant. Such useful information also makes your reader more comfortable about the authority of your communications.

3) BRANDING – Your email signature is an opportunity to reinforce your organization’s branding and provide your recipient with a means of understanding and learning more about your nonprofit. For example, displaying your tag line in the signature can quickly explain your mission, or purpose and a link to your website provides quick access to further information.

4) PROMOTION – Promoting a current campaign, sale or opportunity with a short two line call to action included in your email signature can be a permanent (or revolving) means of informing your recipients about available opportunities. A promotion might be be:

Signup for our email newsletter: http://www.website.com/signup.html
Register for our Father’s Day golf fundraiser: http://www.website.com/register.html
All family memberships 50% off through March 31: http://www.website.com/membershippromo.html

5) CHANNELS – Using your email signature as a means to informing recipients of additional contact channels (such as social networking links) indicates an interest in strengthening your organization’s relationship with your recipient.

Here’s an email signature I use for the Toastmaster’s Club for which I am an Officer:

Ilene Hass
VP of Public Relations
Philadelphia’s First Toastmasters
(215) 663.0706
Connect on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/philadelphias-first-toastmasters

* * * * * * * *
Attend our district contest at PECO, April 03, 2010, details: http://www.tmdistrict38.org

Please share your comments and any examples of effective email signatures that have captured your attention.


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